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Our mission is to provide the best logistics service with the best cost/deadline ratio especially for critical deliveries which imply a special care all along transportation as from pick-up to final delivery.

We are highly flexible and design, implement and execute logistics solutions for our industrial customers with a global presence, creating efficient processes to become compliant, fulfill all documentation and legal requirements, and create a fluid movement into countries around the world.

EAS International optimizes your global logistics operations using proven strategies, which our teams passionately manage every step of the process, down to the smallest details.

Main Features


Teams available 24/7


Quote within 15 minutes


Real time Track & Trace

 Best-in-class strategies

  1. Optimized Solutions & Flexible Design
  2. Global presence with local expertise
  3. Compliance with regulations
  4. Proactive Account Management
  5. Technology & Systems

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