About Us

Our mission is to create a fluid movement into countries around the world with the best cost/deadline ratio especially for critical deliveries which imply a special care all along transportation as from pick-up to final delivery. We are highly flexible to design and implement logistics solutions, creating efficient processes to become compliant, using proven strategies, which our teams passionately manage.

In-Region Presence and Local Expertise

We have developed and made evolved our integrated network of offices according to our customers’ needs and expectations. Our goal is to ensure an in-region presence with :

  • Local expertise of our teams
  • Optimized communication and performance of service

To get in touch with our Corporate or Local Managers, please refer to main contacts hereafter.


Olivier Hennequin


Simon Jackson

Quality Management

Nathalie Ragot

Sales Development

Marco Muggianu

Sales & Development Manager

Alexandre Bonanni

Operations Management

Branch Managers

Mike Bormans

Branch Manager

Cristian Tanasie

Branch Manager - RO, HU

Chokry Chneguir

Branch Manager

Pascal Arnaud

Branch Manager

Hervé Ben Saïd

Branch Manager

Mehdi Dhouieb

Branch Manager

Tigran Movsisyan

Branch Manager

Adam Komorowski

Branch Manager

Anouar Bourtal

Branch Manager

Marie Laetitia Vandame

Branch Manager

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Our Accreditations

Compliance Guidelines


EAS International is Responsible and Commited !

The group implements everything to insure :

  • Ethical behavior and Compliance
  • Accurate control of processes
  • Success  for employees and customers




Our various accreditations, customs and transit, ensure our customers an expertise, a strict respect of legislation, secured boarding and control.

EAS International does comply with ISO Standards, IATA requirements and EAS has also got OEA Accreditation. These certifications confirms our strict respect of quality standards and ensure a performance-orientated quality management.

EAS International has set up various processes and measures related to safety and security to guarantee the best service and demonstrates how we continuously improve our level of service.

AEO - Authorized Economic Operator
  • Quality approach customer-oriented with quality recording system, audit process and continual  improvement
  • Simplification of customs operations :  decreasing number of controls, priority handling of shipments
  • Measures related to safety and security with reinforcement of safety measures and level of vigilance of our teams
IATA Accreditation
  • CASS membership in relation with airlines and commission from airlines without any additional cost to shipper
  • Access to tools which simplify shipment processing
  • Respect of regulatory processes  (packaging,  labelling)
ISO 9001 V. 2015
  • A 99,50 % service rates, all destinations
  • Setting up tools for your express shipments with a personalized quality system
  • Continual improvement and customer satisfaction
ISO 14001
  • Requirements to identify, control and monitor the environmental aspects of any organization
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • Greenhouse Gases (GHG) Monitorin

Industry Specific Solutions

Our Vision And Values

We vigorously strive to provide the most comprehensive end-to-end transportation service to match with our customers’ needs to succeed in a constantly evolving global marketplace.

What works smoothly today could be outdated next month, next week or even tomorrow.

That’s why we constantly push to disrupt, innovate and lead in creating solutions that can expand and evolve in real time, providing our customers added value logistics services.


  • Providing innovative logistics solutions
  • Challenging each other to do the best


  • Making partners & clients successful
  • Communicating constantly


  • Simplifying transport processes
  • Designing personalized service


  • Creating an enjoyable work environment
  • Respecting each other

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